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Transportation and Relocation of Illegal Aliens to Local Safety


Our main agenda is to not only to help with relocating migrants out of unsuitable living conditions, but to also reconnect loved one's to their families and most importantly give these people a chance to gain the opportunity to excel in such an unfortunate situation.

Majority of the families are Central American asylum seekers who have been given a court date months from now. They’re scheduled to appear in front of a judge in the city they've listed as their final destination, often located in a place where a friend or relative will take them in. Many of these people are confused about where they are and how to get where they’re going. They often have no money or cellphone access. With the federal government essentially wiping its hands of these immigrants, local governments have had to pick up the slack: In March alone, 11,000 “non-criminal families” were released in US cities after being in DHS custody. 

Starting  as soon as possible, from our overwhelmed Texas border, we will be chartering those affected to disclosed sanctuary cities. With over 218,000 people released, approximately 154,000 of these family members are being released in Texas, 41,000 in Arizona and 20,000 in California. This number will only continue increase. As a community we all have the opportunity to lend a helping hand to everyone being affected by these unfortunate circumstances.  

two thirds come through Texas

Immigrants ,in mass amounts, stopped sneaking in because they have a rational expectation that they will receive asylum after a lengthy court process. Statistics have proven that about 1 in 5 will be granted asylum. Even if their claims fail, they can live and work legally in this country for years while the process plays out without having to make the more dangerous treks required to avoid border guards.

From a security perspective, this system is far from ideal. But overall, it is better than the alternative. Processing asylum seekers certainly takes time and resources. Rather than having to chase down and forcibly apprehend them, border patrol agents can peacefully process immigrants as if they were awaiting customs inside of  the Los Angeles International Airport. This is safer for both immigrants and law enforcement.

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